Jhansi Page


The city of Jhansi is well connected  to all parts of the country by road and rail. It is en-route Delhi-Mumbai main line of North-Eastern railway. Nesting amdist greenery on all sides, BIET campus is approximately 12 Km from Jhansi Railway station. The nearest Airports  are Gwalior & Agra, which are well connected by trains.


Being on a rocky plateau, Jhansi experiences extreme temperatures. Winter begins in October  and peaks in mid-December. The mercury generally reads about 4 degrees minimum and 21 degrees maximum. Spring arrives by the end of February and is a short-lived phase of transition. Summer begins by April and summer temperatures can peak at 47 degrees in May. The rainy season starts by the third week of June . Monsoon rains gradually weaken in September and the season ends by the last week of September. In the rainy season, the average daily high temperature hovers around 36 degrees Celsius with high humidity.  In summer Jhansi experiences temperatures as high as 45-47 degrees and in winter the temperatures fall as low as 0-1 degrees


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